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Hugh Craen
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Great deal of experience within the finance sector

Hugh Craen trained as an accountant, he has however spent most of his career working in the finance sector establishing invoice finance operations for Alexanders Discount plc and Singer & Friedlander Factors Ltd, where he also established a division, financing football player transfers between European football clubs.

He later formed Potential Finance Group plc - a factoring company which he floated on AIM.

Following the successful sale of the main operating subsidiary of Potential Finance Group plc, Hugh formed a business consultancy offering a variety of services to business.

His experience in dealing with various companies over thirty years has proved invaluable when assisting the various companies that he acts for in the UK. He has advised directors on acquisitions and sale of businesses, as well as arranging finance for businesses. He also acts as a consultant to BCR Consult a specialist consultancy to the invoice finance sector.

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