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Sell my business

Timing is critical when selling your business and often owners get distracted, sales drop and things start to spiral...

Selling my business

Valuing my business

Sometimes we have to reconcile expectations. It's not our approach to tell a business owner what they want to hear...

Valuing my business

Free consultation

To understand your needs we offer a free and totally confidential initial 'face to face' meeting at a private location...

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Business owners have many questions before making the decision to sell their business. We could have the answer...

Selling a business FAQs

Meet the Diverco team

Our dedicated team of highly experienced directors are always close, operating from ten regional offices...

Meet the Diverco team

Ten regional offices nationwide, with experience directors to guide you through the sale of your business

Putting the pieces together to sell your business

"How do I sell my business?"

Normally one of the first questions put to us is "what is the process in selling my business?" Followed by, "how do I get the best price for my business?"

To answer these important questions we provide a free and completely confidential consultation, at a place of your choosing.

A 'face to face' meeting with one of our colleagues may help you to avoid potentially expensive pitfalls that exist in selling a business and company.

Phone 01905 23383 for a friendly and informative chat. Or fill in our form to arrange your free and confidential consultation.

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Bill Good

Message from Bill Good, CEO of Diverco Limited

"Diverco has over 45 years experience in selling businesses for both retirement purposes and other important reasons. Our regional directors, who have many years of business experience, are very 'hands on' and are always personally involved with the sale of your business.

"We strongly value confidentiality, and I personally assure you that your trust in us, will be well founded."

"Our organisation is looking forward to being your partner, and to working with you to maximise the value of your business sale."