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Jamie Dodgson: Managing Director
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Nearly 25 years experience in selling businesses

Jamie has been with Diverco for 24 years and over the last 18 years Jamie worked closely with Peter, the founder of Diverco, assisting him with Vendor clients. As Peter's health failed, Jamie took over the mantle of Managing Director.

His previous expertise on the research side of the selling businesses has proven invaluable and it is his ability to think 'outside the box' with regard to discreet marketing that has rewarded countless owners with the successful sale of their business.

Along with his other commitments, Jamie was also responsible for developing the IT and research systems, which still remain in place today.

The future

Jamie knows selling a business is a difficult process, especially in the current economic climate. He ensures the Diverco team is absolutely hands-on, involved and immersed in the minutia of every business sale. That's Diverco's point of difference, which sets the company apart from the larger, more impersonal competition.

The Diverco team takes the time to meet with people and to listen to them, because 'people are key'. Finding the right person and mutual business 'fit' is the priority, and everything will follow from there. "We are a courteous, 'old school' organisation with a hard-working ethic. It's about ensuring our flow of communication is managed both inward and outgoing."

In an ever over crowded market place, Jamie is keen to ensure Diverco's 'old school values' remain, in order that the companies pedigree - built up over 45 years - continues to make Diverco stand out from the crowd for many years to come, and leave a long lasting legacy his father would be deeply proud of.

Jamie Dodgson can be contacted on Tel: 01905 23383 or by sending an email to jamie.dodgson@diverco.co.uk

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